“Welcome to intelligent video conferencing”


You’re invited to join us at Dolby on Thursday 15th November 2018 for an introduction into how Dolby Voice brings advanced audio innovation to the BlueJeans collaboration software platform. With BlueJeans Rooms and the Dolby Conference Phone, any room becomes a video room with 360-degree, stunning audio and we want you to experience this outstanding collaboration!


If you’d like to take us up on the offer to check out this fantastic bit of tech, and immerse yourself in an exclusive Dolby screening room experience, then fill out the form and hit ‘register now‘! We look forward to welcoming you to an exciting morning in the City.


Venue: Dolby Europe Limited, 4-6 Soho Square, London, W1D 3PZ



Thank you for your interest in our upcoming Dolby & BlueJeans event on the 15th November 2018! We hope you find the following agenda exciting and we look forward to meeting you on the day.


09:30 – Arrival and registration

10:00 – Koris Overview

10:15 – BlueJeans – Welcome to Intelligent Video Conferencing

10:45 – Dolby: Video Conferencing – It’s all about the voice!

11:15 – Coffee Break

11:30 – Live BlueJeans & Dolby Demonstration: experience real life scenarios in Dolby’s telephone box simulators and see for yourself how good the noise cancelling technology is!

12:00 – Dolby Screening Room Experience

13:00 – Join Koris for lunch and drinks in the City


Venue: Dolby Europe Limited, 4-6 Soho Square, London, W1D 3PZ

Elevate the meeting experience


Breakthrough audio eliminates “can you hear me” frustrations.

Better audio

Innovative technology from Dolby engineered into the BlueJeans Cloud suppresses background noise, maintains consistent volume across soft and loud talkers, and makes dialog easier to understand.

Better collaboration

Spatial audio presents each person’s voice from a distinct location, so everyone hears as if they were together in the same room, making it easier to focus on the content of the conversation.

Better communication

Everyone can be heard, even when voices overlap, so participation is easier, dialogue flows without delays, and work gets done.

See it for yourself!

Move to Teams faster using your current infrastructure


By bringing existing meeting rooms into a Microsoft Teams meeting, the BlueJeans Gateway lets users make the most of their Microsoft environments, as well as their existing equipment. The BlueJeans Gateway provides a consistent user experience, regardless of room system hardware. With H.323 or SIP-based room system interoperability, BlueJeans maximizes existing investments like Polycom, Cisco, and LifeSize.


BlueJeans Gateway Key Features


  • Works with H.323 and SIP-based video conferencing room systems
  • Extends consistent simplicity to multi-vendor room systems
  • One-touch for a fast and intuitive way to join a Microsoft Teams meeting
  • Displays all scheduled room meetings for quick access and at-a-glance status checks
  • Hosted in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s enterprise cloud computing platform

Benefits of Dolby Voice with BlueJeans meetings

  • Cloud video meets stunning audio

Dolby Voice® provides breakthrough audio for BlueJeans video collaboration services, allowing attendees to hear clearly and communicate naturally, as if they were in the same room, regardless of their location — desktop, mobile, or meeting room.

  • An outstanding experience for any room

BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Conference Phone delivers 360-degree full-room voice capture to different sized rooms, and flexibly works with industry-standard components.

  • Ease of participation for more natural conversation

Dolby Voice allows BlueJeans collaboration to flow more freely, using innovative technology to suppress background noise, maintain consistent volume across talkers, and present voices from distinct locations.

  • Reduces Clutter

An integral part of BlueJeans Rooms, the Dolby Conference Phone reduces clutter, acting as a single compact device for room audio, meeting management, and IP phone calls.

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