At Koris, we combine our ServiceFirst ethos with the power of today’s communications and networking capabilities, transforming them into a real competitive advantage for your business. This combination enables Koris to maintain the fact that we have NEVER lost a customer due to service issues.

Koris was established in 2007 by Directors, senior and key employees of a successful IT Infrastructure business, MiTech, following a major acquisition by Azzurri. Having worked for a business which prided itself on providing excellent customer service to its clients, the objective from the start was to build a service-centric business. Koris is proud of the fact they deliver the service that organisations demand and often do not receive from other organisations that are too profit driven, restricted by cumbersome process, unresponsive and inflexible. The founders are passionate that customers and employees alike are proud to be associated with Koris.

Our solutions bring together your communications infrastructure, mobile devices, desktop and applications; we’ll deliver full support for your teams wherever they’re located. That means more effective collaboration and information-sharing with your customers, suppliers and business partners, leaving you to focus on running your business and not on managing your communications.

At Koris, we harness the power of today’s communications and networking capabilities and transform them into a real competitive advantage for your business wherever you are, anytime, and deliver a lasting impact on your productivity, customer service and bottom line.

Excellent support and flexibility in delivering the various elements of work for Cardinal Place and Richmond. Things are going well, mostly because your team has been willing to adapt and work together with others and alter schedules as and when required so that we all achieve the best result.

Peter Daniels


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