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21st March 2019 | 09:30am

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Building and maintaining your Adoption Strategy

User Adoption and Quality are the two key elements to ensuring the successful and productive delivery and on-going usage of Skype for Business.  

Did you know…

70% of business change projects fail due to ‘people related’ issues

42% say poor user adoption strategies result in failure to realise the full potential of the technology implementation


85% of Skype for Business projects with a user adoption strategy succeed

You may be finding that your Skype for Business investment isn’t delivering the business benefits you were expecting. We’ll be the first to tell you to stop spending on your SfB setup if you have no adoption strategy in place. What’s the point in on-boarding a technology for no one to use it?

Simply telling your team about the business benefits of your Skype for Business infrastructure, and all the things they’re going to gain, isn’t always the best way of convincing them to jump on-board and use it. People like to see real, tangible results from there efforts and so UC Analytics might just be the solution you’re after! With it’s comprehensive reports, dashboard and monitors that drive user adoption, this software maximises the output of your Skype for Business environment and enables team members to see surface level and granular detail about their personal stats. 


During this session we will be exploring…

User Adoption Monitoring for SfB & O365 
– Dashboards
– Call Type Summaries 
– Service Types 
– Conference Statistics 
– Call Quality

User Adoption Reporting 
– Conference Type & Volume by Department 
– Daily/ Monthly Summaries 
– Personal Usage

– Device Type Details 
– User Adoption % per Employee & Department
– Zero Usage 
– Presence Reporting

User Maps
– Call Detail Monitor

– Collaboration Mode Details
– Conference Overview 



Webinar Agenda

21st March 2019 | 09:30am GMT

09:30 – 09:40
CODE and Koris Overview 

09:40 – 10:00
User Adoption Monitoring for SfB & Office 365

10:00 – 10:30
User Adoption Reporting & User Maps

If you wish to stay on the line…
Open Q&A

Some useful content to view before the webinar

Whitepaper: UC User Map

Bringing together user adoption and quality information. 

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